Yes I found them in my office on Sunday and will do my very best to drop them off today.

In addition, Barbara, a veteran at Italmond will provide the quote for you today.

Thanks for following  up as I am sometime traveling and sometimes electronic messaging misses the mark.

Next time I will confirm.

I am sure you enjoying your new friends and I wonder if they have fur coats or have you had custom made coats made out of the most expensive fabric in your library.

Tom Williams


At this time no.

If you need some assurance or direction please let us know.

This is a 2nd generation family owned company in CA.

All goods are made in USA

Customization is possible.

They stand by their product completely.

Hope this helps.



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Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 7:54 AM


Subject: Iltamond


Do they have a showroom



Hello Rachel,

The price quoted for the 72” 3211 Console reflects the custom size, a lacquer finish is considered premium and a 10% upcharge will apply. Let me know if you have any questions.



Thank you for your quick response.  The goods recently purchased form Italmond were shipped from Armen Living, American West PRO bill 112145378.  You responded to and email sent to, both brands/companies appear to be located at the same address, the address on the Italmond catalogs provide to me by your NJ sales representative is Armen Living’s, and your NJ sales representative was not aware of any change in ownership.  Lying, deflection, and not taking responsibility are an unethical business practices.  Both you and Barbara Jiron are not acting in good faith.


My “aggression” is clearly not misguided. If you would like me rescind my BBB complaint you will need to issue a refund $4016.75.


Please understand that I will continue escalate this matter until you send a refund.  I will invest time and resources securing a refund and will seek to recover all costs associated with securing that refund.





Gary Kapner

Dear Mr. Kapner,

I'm sorry you are having trouble with Italmond. I must, however, inform you that I had sold the company earlier this year and am no longer associated with the operation nor do I have any idea or involvement with your order. 


Your aggression is misguided, Sir, and any attempt to discredit my person or my company Armen Living in the public domain will be dealt with swiftly through all legal means at my disposal.  Please tread lightly with your vitriol.  For starters I urge you to rescind your complaint with the BBB without haste. And although you have purchased the domain name, please note our brand is copyrighted and its use in the furniture space is our right alone.


Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.


Best regards,

Kevin Kevonian | President 

Armen Living Furniture

Barbara Jiron
VP Operations / Interior Design