Issues with Italmond and Armen Living furniture

On 3/24/15 we ordered a custom table our purchase order 61765. Shop drawings have not yet been approved and the specifications for the custom table had not been agreed to. We provided a deposit of $2741.75 on check 51010 dated 3/25/15. Given the issues with other orders outlined below we have cancelled this order and requested a refund of our deposit. Italmond refused, claiming that they began work on the table without agreed upon specifications.

 On 7/18/15 we ordered two Slate end tables these tables our purchase order 63396. These tables have been delivered and paid for in full $2241.00 - the workmanship is questionable.

On 7/24/15 we purchased two custom chairs our purchase order 63482 Italmond order # 15. The chairs were not built to the specification outlined in the sales agreement. The purchase price was $1158.68; the chairs have been delivered and are paid in full.

On 7/24/15 we purchased two Nicolet dining chairs our purchase order 63491 Italmond order # 19 purchase price $1241. These chairs have been paid for in full and delivered. We have no issues with them.

On 7/24/15 we ordered a Xavier Black lacquer console table our purchase order 63493 Italmond order #20. The console does not match the finish sample. The console has been paid for in full and delivered.

0n 8/4/15 we purchased six York custom chairs our purchase order # 63243 Italmond order # 23. The York side chairs have not been delivered and we have been advised by Italmond that they are not built to the agreed upon specifications. Italmond refuses to refund our deposit of $1275 on check # 52249 dated 8/7/15 and to return our fabric.

At this point we want our custom table deposit of $2741.75 and the deposit of $1275.00 for the York chairs along with our fabric returned to us.

Please note that Armen Living owns Italmond Furniture located at the same address. The goods we purchased form Italmond shipped from Armen Living on American West PRO # 1121

45378 date 11/9/15  


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